Increased crop yields and improved crop quality result from favorable moisture conditions, fertility and soil tilth from subsurface drainage.
Deeper root development enables plants to better withstand summer droughts. High water tables due to poor drainage cause shallow root development and a smaller soil volume from which plants can obtain moisture and nutrients.
Longer growing seasons can be achieved with good drainage due to earlier possible planting dates. Planting delays normally result in 1-2% decrease in yield for each day of delay.
Soils warm more quickly in the spring when free water is removed by a drainage system. Well-drained fields allow you to begin planting 7 to 15 days earlier, and allow you to complete fall tillage programs later in the year.
Soil erosion can be reduced on a well-drained soil by increasing its capacity to hold rainfall, resulting in less runoff.
Ohio State University and the U.S.D.A

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